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Nicole Ely portrait


Hey there, I'm Nicole, the face behind the lens!

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My Story

Hey there, I'm Nicole, the face behind the lens!

Portrait photography is not just my job; it's my passion. There's something incredibly rewarding about freezing moments in time, creating lasting memories for people and families.

My journey with photography began when I was a mom to two young, lively children. I found myself wanting to capture every laugh, every adventure, and every milestone. It was during those precious moments that I discovered the magic of photography – a way to treasure life's most beautiful chapters.

Today, I'm honored to bring my passion for photography to your world. My specialty lies in portraits, where I blend contemporary aesthetics with the timeless charm of formal photography. It's a fusion of beauty, elegance, and the genuine moments that define your unique story.

My aim is to not just take pictures but to create art that tells a story. Through my lens, I capture the essence of who you are, the beauty of your connection, and the moments you'll cherish forever.

Let's work together to make your moments truly unforgettable.

Mission Statement

At Nicole Ely Photography, our mission is to freeze time in captivating frames, preserving the beauty of every individual, family, and cherished moment. Through our lens, we aim to craft art that resonates with your unique story, creating lasting memories that bring joy and emotion with every glance. It's our privilege to capture the essence of life's most beautiful chapters and deliver images that stand the test of time.


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